What Is The Average Timeframe To Build A House?

Building a home represents a profound personal investment and is a gateway to a lifetime of cherished memories, from visualising the perfect design to witnessing how the foundation takes shape and watching your dreams come to life.

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Indeed the process of building a new home is both exciting and complex; and with that said, many questions arise as we go through the process. One of the most common questions in this exciting journey is “What is the average timeframe to build a house?”

Many house-building clients, out of excitement expect a lot from their builders. When we say a lot, we mean, they’re expecting their dream homes to be built within 6 months which is a hundred percent impossible if you’re dreaming of a luxury home and you’re builder is starting from scratch.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the details of the average timeframe involved in building your dream luxury house. However, it’s also important to note that every construction project is unique and subject to several factors, we will share ideas on the general stages, milestones, and estimated timeframes you can expect as you start to build your dream home.


The average timeframe to build a house

From doing the initial design and planning stages, obtaining permits, selecting contractors, and overseeing the construction process, finishing and furnishing your dream home might take an eighteen-month process.

For your house to be built to the highest standard, you need to take time and go through the proper process. While each step needs assistance, there are reliable luxury house builders out there that can help you all throughout the process, so you can achieve your dream home in the expected timeframe.

If you didn’t seek help from a professional luxury home builder before building your dream home, then expect a longer home-building time frame. 

The whole and complete process of building your dream home consists of the following steps:

Contacting a professional builder

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The process begins with reaching out to a trusted builder because they are the ones who will guide you all throughout the planning and building process. In this stage, you can set a date to meet with them so they can show you their offers and previous projects.

It’s important to take note that, seeing their previous projects isn’t like looking into a house model because the projects they’ll show you are actual homes of past clients.

You can also ask every house-building questions that pop into your mind so you can have clarity. They are experts, so they’ll have an answer for sure.

Once you decided to sign up for their services, the builders will help you come up with a design and plan suitable for your preferences and budget. It requires back-and-forth communication until you achieve the design that perfectly suits you.

You can expect this stage to last for up to two to four weeks.

Initial estimate

The next stage involves creating a price estimate based on the concept plan they created. The initial estimate is usually long, so your builder will need two weeks to complete this. 

Acceptance of preliminary building agreement

builder and client agreement

After preparing the initial estimate, the acceptance of the preliminary building agreements will take place. This process may vary for each housing project, but here are the things that your builder will prepare:  

  • Construction plans based on your concept plans
  • House engineering design
  • Reports and testing for the project

These reports and documents will give you the assurance that everything is included in the detailed quoting process, therefore making the house building quote more accurate.

Detailed costing and detailed meetings about the project

Once you and your builder finalized the house design, construction plans, and other papers needed, your builders will start to create a Fixed Price Quote that includes detailed information about all the costs of building your dream home.

Your builder will then arrange a meeting with you and discuss everything in detail. The said meeting should assure you that your preferences are met while giving the builders the clarity of what you really want to happen in the project, so make sure to ask questions if needed and tell your builder everything you envision in your head.

This whole stage may take six to eight weeks. 

Planning approval and selections stage

The next process after having detailed meetings and finalizing the fixed price quote is the preparation and signing of contracts. The preparation of documents usually takes another two weeks.

After submitting all the required plans and paperwork for approval, you will meet with the design and colour consultant, and suppliers and explore showrooms to finalise your choices for your dream home. The duration of this stage may differ depending on how long it takes for the plans to be approved by the Council. You can allocate four to six weeks for this stage.

Construction process

luxury house plan

The construction of your dream home will then start after the approval of the papers. At this point, you can expect the length to be around seven to nine months.

In order for you to achieve your luxury dream home without any further issues or failures, it’s essential to go through all these processes and stages and the home-building timeframe will definitely take more than six months. 

Final Words

“Taking a shortcut isn’t always profitable, doing the right thing may take longer but just trust the process, your reward is sure!” says Hopal Green.

When choosing the best home builder for your dream home, it’s important to take note that a professional builder should always have a proper process in place. They will not rush you and will not always agree with what you want; not because they don’t respect you, but because they know what they’re doing.

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