5 Excellent Reasons to Choose a Design and Construct Company

A luxury home is not just any other house. It should be sophisticated and functional. Its construction should be perfect. The only way to ensure this is by hiring the best design and build company in your area. A design and build company can take your vision, commit it into a stunning visual and build it for you. This article explains why a design and build company is your best partner when it’s time to build your luxury home. 

So, how do you know if you’re going to be working with the best builder for you? 

The only way to ensure this is by hiring the best design and construct company in your area. A design and construct company can take your vision and turn it into a stunning visual, and build it for you.  So, why is a design and construct company your best partner when it’s time to build your luxury home? 

It is more efficient

Hiring a design and construct company is a more efficient approach when building your luxury home. You don’t need to do one search for a building designer, and then do another search for Illawarra builders” or “luxury home builders in Wollongong” to find someone to bring your dream home to life. 

There’s no need to conduct separate interviews in hiring a designer and a contractor, you don’t need to research their credentials separately, and you don’t need to draw up separate contracts. The whole design and construct process is a lot simpler and a lot more streamlined for you, the client. 

According to Statista, over 197,000 new homes were built in Australia in 2019, and a projected 178,000 new homes will get built in the year 2025. This means you’ll be competing with almost 200,000 new homeowners for the professional services of home designers and luxury builders.  

You might get lucky and enlist the services of a home design expert, but luck out in looking for a custom builder. With a design and construct company, you only need to hire one company and they’ll deliver all your construction needs under one contract and all the other trades are taken care of. 

It is more cost-effective

Building a luxury house is a considerable investment. Aside from labour costs, you also need to take care of home design costs and the cost of building materials. 

You need to balance all three to ensure that your dream luxury home will get built within budget. Budget issues can impact the timeline to complete the project and can also affect the quality of the finished project you get handed over to you. 

With a design and construct company, you can sit down with both the designer and builder to get a clear idea of the budget you need.

If you’re hiring a building designer and also a custom home builder, you’ll need to set up separate meetings which take more time away from you and you end up being stuck in the middle, going back and forth from one to the other if the builder and the designer don’t regularly talk to one another. 

When you’ve got one company managing both the design and building process, it’s easier to monitor all the expenses involved in the building process. Most design and construct companies assign project managers to clients and your project manager will track construction costs for you. 

Your project manager can then act quickly to ensure that the project stays within budget without sacrificing quality.  

A design and build company has a designer and builder working together to build your luxury home

They can design optimal floor plans

Design and construct companies with long construction histories are experts in identifying floor plans that work for their clients. Not only do they know how to create floor plans that look amazing and functional but they know how to design custom-built homes that improve the quality of life of their clients. 

The great thing about having one company manage both the design and building phase is the designer can get the input of the builder while creating your floor plan.  

The builder can even visit the proposed construction site with the home design expert to give suggestions on how to maximise the terrain or surrounding natural features.  

They can give suggestions on custom home designs or modern home designs that suit the area where you intend to build.  

Since both the designer and the builder belong to the same company and have worked on numerous projects before, the designer knows the capabilities of the custom builder. A designer who doesn’t know the builder might include design elements that the builder may not have any experience with.  

This can result in construction delays or the result won’t be what the designer originally planned, and the worst-case scenario is the design you’ve fallen in love with, can’t actually get built. Believe it or not, it’s not unheard of for someone to pay for a set or architectural plans that can’t realistically get built, resulting in not only frustration but also a waste of money. 

With a design and construct company, this isn’t something that you have to worry about.


It’s easier to hold a design and construct company accountable for a project, compared to two separate companies, being the designer, and the builder. You’ve got one company accountable for design quality, build quality, construction timeline, project cost, and results.  

One of the dangers of a designer and builder working separately is you might get an inaccurate cost estimate. The designer might give you a cost estimate that the builder doesn’t agree with.  

With the custom home builder working with the designer, all the costs associated with completing the project get taken into account during the design process. If you want to update the design, the builder can quickly adjust the cost estimate instead of you relaying the changes to the builder and waiting for an updated estimate.  

Final Word

A design and build company like CKS Projects is the best option if you want your luxury home built with high standards. Team members cooperate throughout the entire construction process to deliver the luxury home you want and deserve. You also don’t need to worry about progress monitoring because our design and construction team works in sync to ensure timely delivery. We make sure that when you see the results, you will see the luxury house you envisioned. 

Before meeting with your design and build company, download our free informative guide to help you build your custom-built new home. It details everything you need to know to ensure that building your new home will be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. 

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