Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Custom Luxury Home Builder Before Signing Up For Their Services

Luxury custom home builder meeting with clients

Building a new home can give you a bunch of feelings. You’re excited, you’re nervous and hopefully you’re happy and sometimes these feelings tend to become overwhelming.

The good thing for you is there are reliable custom luxury home builders who are always ready to help you with all that you need in building your dream home. 

But your role as a homeowner doesn’t end there! 

As a homeowner, it’s also your role to monitor the progress of your dream home, provide the budget needed, and of course, make sure that you’ll get the quality service you’re expecting from your luxury custom home builder.

With that said, you have to know everything about your dream project— and for you to be able to do that, you have to ask the right questions to your home builder.

It’s essential to ask the right questions about your luxury home builder to make sure they’ll meet your expectations.

Asking the right questions will not only help you understand the construction process but also help you make decisions that are based on information, not emotion.

In this blog. we’ll discuss some of the top questions to ask your custom home builder before starting with the construction process.

Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

So here are the top 10 questions that you should ask your builder, no matter who they are:

Thinking questions to ask your custom home builder

1. Can your custom luxury home builder provide references from previous clients?

Asking for references from previous home-building clients allows you to get an overview of your builder’s experience, professionalism, and quality of work from the perspective of people who have already worked with them. Asking for references serves as your background research concerning your builder’s way of working. 

Asking for references serves as your background research concerning your builder’s way of working. Don’t forget to ask about their experience working with the builder, their satisfaction with the final product, and any issues they may have had.

It’ll help you make the final decision on whether to hire them or not.

2. What is the timeline for the project including the approval and construction timeline, and what factors could impact that timeline?

Having a timeline for your dream home project is essential as it also helps you determine the right amount of budget to set aside for your project. It’ll allow you to better plan your situation while your dream home is being built.

Setting timelines will help you know if you must rent or sell your current home and when to sell it. On one note, you should also ask how long the approval process would take.

For some, it takes up to 45 days, but it’d still be better to make sure by asking your builder.

3. How do you handle change orders or unexpected costs?

Change orders and unexpected costs can come to any construction project, even when building a custom luxury home. A reliable builder must know how to handle these situations effectively, and they should have a process in place to manage these situations.

A reliable builder must know how to handle these situations effectively, and they should have a process in place to manage these situations.

4. What is included in the standard features of the home, and what upgrades are available?

Fully furnished custom luxury home with a car

Building your dream home is an important matter that involves even the most minor details. This is why getting clear about what your home builder considers as standard inclusions around specific appliances, flooring, fixtures, and materials used throughout the project should be a priority.

Additionally, not all home builders will include the same features.

Some builders may offer additional features as standard, so it’s recommended to take a look at the standard features with your builder to ensure you have a clear understanding of what’s included as they start with your project.

5. What warranties does your luxury custom home builder offer on the home and its components?

In NSW, we have a statutory warranty known as the ‘defects and liability period’. It usually lasts for 13 weeks after the final date of constructing your new home, but the period covered may be different once you discussed it with your luxury custom home builder.

What you need to do is to verify if the builder is registered and can provide this warranty.

It’s also great to check if they can give you individual warranties for electrical appliances. During the handover, your luxury custom home builder should provide details such as warranties for appliances and so on. 

6. What is the payment schedule?

Luxury custom home builder payment schedule

Building a luxury home is a significant financial undertaking, so it’s important to understand the costs involved so you can plan accordingly. From the home builder’s price to the cost of every material in every stage— you should be well informed of those. 

7. What are the insurances covered for the house building project?

As you build your dream home, it’s important to make sure you are protected against financial loss in case your custom luxury home builder is not able to complete the building project due to death, disappearance, or insolvency. This is why you should ask your builder about the specific insurance (based on circumstances) included in the whole building project.  

8. What agreements does the luxury custom home builder have with subcontractors?

Asking this question is one way to determine if your home builder is experienced or not because an experienced builder has a series of subcontractors connections.

These connections include electricians, plumbers, and concreters that’ll help you acquire better retail rates. Plus help you guarantee that all works carried out for the project are high quality.

9. Do they have a display home or a finished project sample?

To guarantee the quality of your custom luxury home builder, we recommend you ask them to show you a finished house project so you can see the outcome of their works in reality.

10. Can you provide a fixed-price quote?

Luxury custom home builder price quotation

A fixed-price quote wwill give you all the information about what you need and how much you will pay to build your dream home. Having your builder provide it will help you avoid the unexpected cost and achieve a smoother building process.

Our Final Word

Asking questions will help you communicate better with your custom luxury home builder. That’s why we recommend you ask as many questions as necessary. Always remember that open communication is the key to avoiding future problems, errors, and misunderstandings, so don’t be afraid to say and ask whatever you feel is needed in building your dream house project.

Along with you being open and communicative should also be a house builder that can openly communicate everything to you with regard to your project. Work with communicative luxury home-building experts like CKS Projects!

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