How To Get The Distinctive Custom Home Of Your Dreams

With every detail personalised to reflect your individual tastes, achievements, and lifestyle 

Finished On Time And Budget -- Guaranteed

Fair, Fixed, Totally Transparent Pricing

Challenging Coastal And Clifftop Specialists

Supreme Workmanship To Look Stunning, Function Flawlessly, And Last A Lifetime

Globally Inspired Design Ideas For Functional Elegance

Meticulous Systems For A Stress-Free Enjoyable Building Experience

The Home You’ve Dreamed Of Coming Home To, And Will Always Feel Reluctant To Leave


Wake up and draw the curtains to a new day in your dream bedroom


Enjoy a little ‘hotel luxury’ every day in your dream bathroom


Unwind with family around your table, lounge, or pool

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Cook your favourite meals with ease on state-of-the-art appliances

high end custom home builders' coastal home project- living room

Proudly welcome guests to share your new home


And simply enjoy the rewards of creating something that reflects part of who you are and what you have worked so hard to achieve

Well, now is your chance to get everything you’ve ever wanted. The exact floorplan, features, and finishes. Designed just for you. And meticulously crafted to look stunning, function flawlessly, and last a lifetime.

However, like many homeowners, you may have some questions. And even some concerns. Because after all, designing and building a custom home is one of the most significant emotional and financial investments you will make in your life.

What Our Lovely Clients Say About Their Custom Homes

How To Be Sure Your Custom Home Is A Dream And Not a Disappointment

You know the building horror stories. Delays. Budget Blowouts. Defects. And a home that turns out to be a disappointment (maybe even a disaster). It’s no wonder some people have second thoughts about building a custom home. 

Perhaps you have some of these common questions and concerns too:

  • Worried you won’t know what’s happening…

    And want a builder who keeps you updated, answers your questions, and always returns calls and emails promptly.

  • Afraid you won’t get what you’re paying for (maybe even get ripped off)…

    And want a builder who is totally transparent, provides full details of all selections and costs, and supplies exactly what you chose (and paid for) without sneaky substitutions. 

  • Concerned your home will take longer and cost more than you think…

    And want a builder who provides fair, fixed pricing, and a guaranteed timeline, so you can plan your finances (and life) with certainty.

  • Worried you won’t have time for all the decisions…

    And want a builder who curates options that match your preferences and guides you ever step of the way to make the experience efficient, enjoyable, and stress-free. 

  • Afraid you will be disappointed (maybe embarrassed) with the end result…

    And want a builder who will help you clarify and refine your ideas. And bring your vision to life with meticulous workmanship. So you can feel truly proud of the home you’ve built.

  • Worried your home will be a generic copycat that soon goes out of style…

    And want a builder who enhances your ideas with global sophistication and proactive design strategies to give you a home that is both on trend and timeless.   

  • Not sure how to choose the right builder…

    And want a builder with the skills, the systems, and uncompromising commitment to deliver your dream home, on time, on budget, with an enjoyable, stress-free building experience.  

Lots of homeowners have similar concerns. That’s why we invite you to a Free Discovery Session where we answer your questions and share our 25+ years of experience to help you get your dream home.

How We Help You Get The Custom Home You’ve Worked So Hard To Achieve

Our team is proud to have helped many Illawarra families get the custom home of their dreams since [2014]. Here are some of the things we do differently to ensure you enjoy your building experience and get the exact custom home you want. And that every detail of your home reflects your individual tastes, achievements, and lifestyle.  


Bring Out The Best In Your Land

Whether you’re building on a standard suburban block, or a magnificent clifftop location, we will assess your land and recommend design options to maximise the natural light and breezes, views and privacy, and thermal efficiencies so your home is comfortable all year round. We will recommend innovative building materials and methods to save costs (especially with earthworks) to give you more value for your money. And with special experience in challenging blocks (especially coastal and clifftop locations), we can build where other companies can’t.   


Fair, Fixed Pricing

Too many builders (and their commission salespeople) rush you to sign a contract that is full of vague descriptions and costings. And then surprise you with the detail (and extra expense) after you’ve committed to build. Our detailed contract is fully transparent and includes everything, so you know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost.


Constant, Considerate Communication

Too many homeowners feel embarrassed when their friends ask about their new home, and they can’t answer. Because their builder hasn’t kept them up to date. And they feel frustrated by phone calls and emails that go unanswered. We give you direct access to our Building Management Portal so you can see (in real time) what’s happening including work finished (with photos) and work planned for the coming week. We invite you to a bi-weekly meeting onsite so you can see every stage of your new home coming to life. And you have direct access to the owner who will answer your calls and emails (and reply within 24 hours).


Step By Step Guidance

Life is busy. And time is precious. The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed with decisions. So, once we understand the vision you have for your home, our experienced designers will curate a custom list of fixtures and fittings that match your individual tastes, achievements, and lifestyle. Our proven processes and expert, step by step guidance will make your building experience efficient, enjoyable, and stress-free.


Glad To Share Our Knowledge And Experience

Whether you’re ready to build or just researching your options, we are glad to share our 25+ years of experience to help you get your dream home.


Guaranteed Completion Date

It’s true – most builders run late. Leaving their clients living in limbo for weeks – sometimes months. Because they don’t have the systems to manage their workflow. Our proven processes ensure all materials and trades are locked in before building begins. Every task is tracked for efficiency and quality control. And we work on no more than 3 builds simultaneously. So you can be sure your home will be finished on time. In fact, we guarantee it. And if we run over time, we will compensate you for your extra rent or mortgage expenses.

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Get Exactly What You Choose (And Pay For)

With the sharp increase in lookalike products coming from countries like China, it’s hard to tell if you’re getting the quality you’re paying for – until things start to fail. Sadly, some sneaky builders are swapping products for cheaper options so they can boost their profits. We guarantee you will get the exact fixtures and fittings you chose and are paying for with no substitutions. 

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Expert Design Advice

Whether you already have architect plans, or you’re still finalising your ideas, we will take time to understand your vision and help you clarify and refine your ideas. We will share our global design experience to ensure your home is truly distinctive -- both on trend and timeless (so it never looks out of date). And we will create 3D Renderings so you can take a virtual tour of your home and be confident about every detail before building begins.

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Supreme Workmanship

While other builders use generic ‘tradies’ with varying skills, experience, and integrity (sometimes whoever they can get), our handpicked team of craftspeople put their heart and soul into every cut, joint, and finish. Their skills, experience, and attention to detail are second to none. That’s why you can be sure your home will be meticulously crafted to look stunning, function flawlessly, and last a lifetime. When your home is finished, we will all be proud of the end result.

Create your home with person which you love

Reliable Family Company

Too many builders treat their clients like a number without a name. An interruption to their day. And merely a means to paying their bills. Our company couldn’t be more different. We feel privileged to get to know our clients. To help you clarify and refine your design ideas. To welcome you onsite to show you the progress we’ve made on your home. To enjoy the building experience with you and celebrate the stunning end result. We are proud to have lived and built lovely homes in the Greater Illawarra area for more than 25 years (and we are just getting started).

The Next No-Obligation Step To Get The Information You Need To Build Your Dream Custom Home

Researching building options can be time consuming and confusing. That’s why we created a Free Discovery Session. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get the answers and information you need to build your dream custom home including:


Your Discovery Session will be with Keiron Moore, the owner of CKS Projects (not a commission salesperson) who will share his 25+ years of experience building custom homes in the Greater Illawarra area.

Naturally, we’d love to design and build your home. But in any case, we’re glad to help you with this Free Discovery Session, so you can get off to the right start in planning and building your dream custom home.

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