How To Design A Dream Home That Reflects Your Individual Tastes, Achievements, And Lifestyle

With Internationally Inspired Design Ideas  For Functional Elegance, Supreme Comfort,  And Timeless Style

Your House Design: The Key That Can Make Or Break Your Dream Home

The first (and possibly the most challenging) step in building a custom home is getting the design right. 


A site plan that makes the most of your block of land (including natural light, breezes, views, and privacy) while minimising expensive earthworks. 


A floor plan that maximises convenience while maintaining privacy and a sense of warmth.


Features and finishes that reflect your individual tastes, lifestyle, and achievements.

Get these things right and you’ll be rewarded with the home of your dreams. A haven you look forward to arriving home to and feel reluctant to leave. A home you feel truly proud to own.

However, even small missteps can leave you with a home that is uncomfortable, unappealing, and unsuitable for your family.  

And what looks good on paper (even when it’s designed by an architect) doesn’t always work as well in your finished home (or is simply too impractical or expensive to build).

Which Of These House Design Questions And Concerns Are Weighing On Your Mind?

Like many people gathering design ideas for their custom home, are you…


Concerned your architect will create a design you can’t afford to build…

And want a builder with the experience to bring your vision to life without exceeding your budget? Little-known fact: Most house designs created by architects never actually get built. Because construction is too expensive or impractical. That’s why we take time to understand your vision. And create a design that gives you the outcome you want in the most efficient, affordable way.  

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Overwhelmed by endless design choices…

And want a designer builder who takes time to understand your vision, explain your options (with pros and cons), and gives you step by step guidance that makes the design process enjoyable?  Many people find it time consuming and confusing to choose fittings and fixtures. That’s why we create a curated list that matches your individual tastes and budget. So you don’t have to try to compare hundreds of toilets and tiles. We do the groundwork for you so you can easily choose from a small selection of best options.


Worried you’ll make a design mistake you’ll regret…

And want a designer builder who can help you clarify, refine, and enhance your ideas, so you get all the features and finishes you want, in a home that is stylish and functional?  For example, high windows can help to fill your home with lovely natural light. But sometimes there are better ways to get the same result without having to pay a professional to keep out-of-reach windows clean. Small design decisions can have long-lasting (often expensive) implications.

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Worried your home will look like a generic copycat (or quickly go out of style)…

And want a builder with international design experience to incorporate on-trend features while maintaining timeless elegance?

Drive around any suburb and you’ll see the same generic (boring) designs repeated over and over.

And you will even be able to tell when the homes were built.

Red bricks – sixties.

Heritage features – eighties.

We’ll show you how to incorporate multiple styles into your design.

And use flexible features (surfaces that can be painted a different colour) so your home will always look timeless and on trend.   

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Frustrated by things you’ve been told you can’t have…

And want a builder who specialises in finding innovative ways to get the outcome you want?

Too many builders look for the easy way.

And when something looks difficult, they tell their clients it can’t be done.

Hogwash. With the right knowledge, experience, and determination, almost anything is possible.

That’s why we specialise in designing and building homes in challenging coastal and clifftop locations. 

Lots of homeowners have similar concerns.

That’s why we invite you to a Free Discovery Session

Where we answer your questions and share our 25+ years of experience to help you get your dream home.

How We Help You Create A House Design That Leads To Your Dream Home

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What Our Clients Say About How We’ve Helped Them Design Their Dream Homes

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Let Us Help You Turn Your Ideas Into A Dream Home Design That Reflects Your Individual Tastes, Achievements, And Lifestyle

If you already have architect plans, we’ll be glad to review them (to ensure they are optimised for building efficiency and affordability) and provide a construction estimate.

If you’re just researching design options, we’ll help you clarify and refine your ideas, and put your vision on paper. In any case, we’d be glad to answer your questions and share our 25 years of experience to help you get your dream home.

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